A New Year, and some great new developments!

Happy New Year to you all!

Since our last update to you, our focus has largely entered around fundraising.  And we have good news on this front!pls give

  • As of January 20th, we have raised over $31,000.  We had a big bump in donations in December as a result of our pre-holiday fundraising campaigns. Thank-you to everyone who contributed!
  • If you have not yet donated, please do so now.  Donations made by Jan 31 will be matched the by Anglican Diocese of Toronto. To donate, go to murp.ca/how-to-donate/. Also, please share this information with those you know who might  be interested in supporting us.

As far as preparing for our family’s arrival, we are moving forward on that front, albeit more slowly.

  • We are required to attend sponsorship training before we can officially apply to sponsor a family.  Some of us have  completed our training already; the rest of us will complete it by the end of this month.
  • Everyone has had the required police background checks done and submitted to AURA .
  • We think we have temporary accommodation lined up for our family. Since we might have as little as one week’s notice of our family’s arrival, having temporary accommodations is imperative.
  • Currently, we are still aiming for our family to arrive between early and mid-spring.


Note: this post was first published earlier today … republishing due to a technical glitch related to WordPress’ integration with Facebook.


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