Less than $13,000 to go!

Our fund-raising efforts have continued though the month of January.  After a very generous, anonymous donation of $2,500, the latest tally now puts us at $37,700. That leaves us with less than $13,000 to go to reach our goal of $50,000.

There’s still time to give if you haven’t already!  Go to murp.ca/how to donate to find out how. 

We are still hoping to receive matching funds from the Anglican Diocese of Toronto; but the more funds we have when we apply for our matching grant, the more funds can potentially be matched.  And the more funds we have at the end of our fundraising campaign, the more refugees we can help.

If, for example, we raise in excess of $50,000 – say, $75-$80,000 – then we will be in a position to help more than one family.  Full disclosure: we would not attempt to do two simultaneously; rather, we would look at the possibility of sponsoring a 2nd family after the first one has settled into a new home, the kids are in school, ESL classes have begun, etc.   But wouldn’t it be great if we could do that?


2 thoughts on “Less than $13,000 to go!

  1. Barbara Beresford

    I have a mirror and an oak side table that I would like to donate. They are of a quality that would be appropriate to the silent auction I think. The bevelled mirror (29″x 41″) was custom framed for me at Emmett’s Custom Framing. The antique oak side table is 24″x 24″ and 29″ high. I am challenged at sending photos by mail, but I could get my son-in-law to help me . He took some photos.. Where would I send them to. I live just around the corner on Palmerston. The items could be donated to the family if need be.



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