We have been matched with a refugee!

Apropos of my last blog posting, you might have seen items in the news recently about how private sponsorship groups like ours are waiting much longer than we expected to be matched with refugee cases (Toronto Star, Globe and Mail).  While we continue to wait to see whether we’ll be matched with a Syrian family, we’re pleased to announce that we have been offered, and  have accepted a refugee case involving a 20-year old man from Iraq, who has been designated by the UNHCR as “at-risk”, and in urgent need of resettlement.

When AURA offered us this case last week, they alluded to the slow-down in the flow of Syrian refugees, suggesting that it might be many months before we were matched with a family.  We found out about this possibility on a Friday, and we had to let AURA know by Monday whether we’d proceed. After a flurry of emails back and forth between our team members, the feeling was unanimous that we should accept this case. The need was great for this individual; we have the funds to support him (and the government contributes a portion of the funding required);  and it could be many months before a family of the type that we’d requested is made available for sponsoring. We still intend to sponsor a larger family as soon as we can do so. But we feel that if we can help someone now, we should.

So, stay tuned — we’ll keep you updated as things develop!



3 thoughts on “We have been matched with a refugee!

  1. Meredith Andrew

    This is great, Allan. I’m thrilled we’re sponsoring a young man, the same age as our son. When I heard single males were going to be out of the running, I felt sick at heart.


    1. Allan Risk Post author

      Single men were out of the running for government-assisted refugees I think, at least for the push that was made to get 25,000 here by the end of February. However, the candidates available for private sponsorship run the gamut from single people to huge, multi-generational families. Our initial thought was to try to use our resources to help as many people as we could practically manage (in Toronto, that would be a family of 6-7 people). But we’re very pleased to be able to help this young man. It’ll be a chance to exercise our resettlement skills for a larger family down the road!


  2. wigwaggly

    I’m thrilled to hear this, Allan. When I heard that young, single men would be out of the running, I felt sick at heart. So happy to be sponsoring a 20-year-old… the same age as our son, Ridley.
    Thanks again for all your work,



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