We have been assigned our first refugee!

In March,  we were contacted by AURA to ask whether, while we continue to wait to be matched with a large refugee family, we would be willing to sponsor a single person already on the list awaiting sponsorship.  The MURP group agreed unanimously that we are able to help both the single person and a subsequent family, and so we enthusiastically accepted the matching offer. Since then, we have been continuing our fundraising efforts and waiting for information about either of our sponsorships.

Last week, we received notification that our first refugee, a young man traveling from Jordan,  will be arriving on June the 22nd. He was referred by the United Nations Refugee Agency and vetted by Canadian officials in the Middle East. The Federal Government will assist us in supporting him financially for six months of his first year in Canada. We are excited about this news, and we look forward to welcoming him, to getting to know him in the coming weeks and to introducing him to the community. 
We anticipate our second sponsorship, of a large family, to occur in the fall or winter. We will continue to provide updates as we learn more.
Thank you so much for your support over the last several months–because of you, we are able to provide this assistance to more than one group.

2 thoughts on “We have been assigned our first refugee!

    1. Allan Risk Post author

      Hi Lynn – for the next little while, our new Canadian will be staying in a furnished flat. We know very little about him, and what his needs or desires are for a life in Canada. For example he may want to go to school; or he may want to learn English and then find a job. We are uncertain as to what his living arrangements will be longer-term, so we aren’t yet in a position to take furniture or other household goods yet.

      I should add that we are still hoping to be matched with a larger family in the next few months, where the needs for household goods will be more immediate.

      I’m sorry this process is taking so long to resolve itself. But we’re sort of at the mercy of the immigration department …

      We will keep you posted …



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