They’ve arrived!!

We are delighted to announce that our new family has arrived in Toronto!  They landed at Pearson airport last Wednesday, after a long, long journey from Kuala Lumpur, via Dubai.  They were extremely tired when we met them in the arrivals area, but very excited to be here.

The past several days have been filled with activities like getting them cold-weather outdoor clothing, registering for OHIP, finding a school for the two.children, who are adorable, and looking at permanent housing.  Also, I’m happy to say that we found a permanent apartment for them on Saturday in the Dovercourt/Bloor area, close to good schools, a library, shopping, the subway, and several members of our sponsorship team.  They move into their new place in mid-January, after the old tenants leave this month, and the landlord has had a chance to clean, paint and do any necessary repairs (of which there weren’t many, based on what I saw).  We have many offers of furniture and household goods already.  I will be posting a list of things we still need in the days to come.  One thing that comes to mind that they need right now is a vacuum cleaner … if you have an extra one that is in good repair, and would like to donate it, it would be immediately useful in their temporary apartment.

The next little while will involve more post-arrival administrivia, and also looking at laying out a path toward employment for one or both of the parents.  Each member of the family is motivated and eager to jump headfirst into life here in Toronto.

Stay tuned for future developments!





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