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T’was the weekend before Christmas …

… and all through the house, things were pretty quiet.  My significant other had to work on Sunday. At first, I thought I’d get a head start on Christmas food preparations, and then, I thought, chuck it: it’s the last Sunday in Advent, which is a season of quiet anticipation; why shouldn’t I spend the day quietly, and not feel the need to “do something”, as is my habit?

So I went to church, and was very happy that one of my favourite hymns was on “the program”: Veni Veni Emmanuel.  (The words of the hymn are a quiet pleading for the long-promised Saviour to finally come and free his people. There’s something very contemplative and moving about the melody and words; for me, it’s a tonic for the hype and consumerism of the season.)  Then a lovely walk with my dog, and then writing some Christmas cards.  I eventually did break down and make a batch of shortbread, but I resisted the temptation to get a start on everything else on my cooking and baking list.

Things are going well with the fundraising so far.  I don’t have an exact number that I can report, as I rely on the treasurer at St. Mary Magdalene to give me a cumulative total that includes donations made by parishioners on the collection plate at the church.  But I know we’re at least $3000 richer than we were when I woke up this morning; my guess (and I will confirm when the collection plate count has been done) is that we’re around the $14,000 mark.  Which is terrific, given that we’re not even 2 weeks into our campaign!

This past week, several members of our group leafleted the houses on Manning Avenue and Ulster Street; we printed 1000 of them, and have very few left.

In addition, we were very lucky to have a donation of a number of copies of the Pax Christi Chorale’s latest CD, Winter Nights to sell to raise money: composer and choir director Stephanie Martin kindly donated over 40 of them, and we’ve sold all but 2. It’s a gorgeous CD, and if you can’t get a copy from us, I highly recommend you order one from the Pax Christi web site.

We are busy making plans for other fundraisers, from a concert series featuring world-class musicians, to a silent auction that – fingers crossed – could include a week in Strasbourg!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed thus far.  We’re heartened by response.